Eco Picture Framing
Precision cutting is key in the workshop
Snow Fire: Winter Solstice Fire Circle (Monochrome Edition) Artwork by Kenny Martin.
Our lovely cats!
Morso guillotine – a framemaking essential for the perfect mitre.
All bespoke pictures are sealed using ph neutral tape
The upstairs gallery
Mandala box framed in french oak
3D map Le Massif des Pyrénées

Ecological materials

I embrace the use of good quality, safe ecological products and materials within my picture framing workshop.

This protects my personal health from working with and being exposed to lots of different toxic chemicals.

It also ensures that whatever I frame up is protected from any future damage as conventional frames often contain acids and harmful chemicals.

No MDF, No Formaldehyde

MDF is commonly used as a backing board for factory-made frames and contains formaldehyde that off-gases inside the frame and outside into your home.

Over time permanent damage can occur to valuable and precious artwork.

Original drawings on paper can experience accelerated fading and deterioration while photographs are notorious for experiencing permanent colour changes.

This is the reason why I choose not to use MDF for frame backs when safe alternatives are now available.

Are your frames eco?

Its easy to check if your framed images are eco. Take a closer look at the angled bevel mount.

If this was originally white but has since turned a yellow, cheesy-colour then chances are the mountboard contains acid and is not of conservation eco quality.

I can reframed and recondition old frames subject to a visual inspection at the workshop.

Hand Powered Workshop

I make traditional wooden frames mainly using equipment powered by the human body; hand and foot-operated tools are the preferred option.

My professional framing equipment includes: Morso mitre guillotine, Cassese under-pinner, Rotatrim and Logan mountboard cutters, Fletcher framing guns, hand mitre saws, hand drills and screwdrivers.

Archival Mounting

Prints are carefully and professionally presented within a precision-cut, bevel mount. Only acid-free, conservation standard mount boards are used to ensure each print is beautifully and safely presented.

French Oak Image Framing

These frames are special. They are handcrafted, one-at-a-time from a locally-sourced, solid french oak moulding which I fabricate in my workshop.

With it’s distinctive and varying grain patterns each oak frame contains a unique character that is further enhanced by a finish of Van Dyke and traditional beeswax polish.

Dry Mounting Photographs

I have the facility to drymount photographs onto aluminium, canvas and other substrates using my in-house heat press.

The boards I use contain a reversible heat activated adhesive that is pH neutral.

The maximum height I can currently do is 90cm by any length.

Glass & Perspex Safety Glazing

I tend to use glass for my frames which I clean using white vinegar.

If the frame is to be displayed in a public place it can be glazed using acrylic perspex. This safety glazing is stronger than glass and is virtually unbreakable with no loss of clarity.

Be aware that special cloths and a plastic polish will be required for cleaning to prevent scratching.

Professional Image Framing

I have framed up entire exhibitions for artists where high quality and consistancy is of paramount importance.

I can usually offer a discount for artists and photographers who require multiple frames for an exhibition.

Contact me to discuss how I can help your project.

Previously I have undertaken bespoke image framing projects for a range of clients including schools, private businesses, museums, art galleries, educational establishments, professional artists and photographers.

I am able to take on framing projects for everyone local based in and around Libaros.

My goal is to have a frame within every house and business within Libaros and the surrounding communes.

Please contact me by email or telephone with your picture framing requirements. I look forward to being of service to you soon.