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framing client testimonials

” I never imagined it could look so good. Thank you! ”

Client from Toulouse, 2023.

“ Love it all!!

Looks fabulous and very kind of you to give the poster the mount.

Really pleased with them both!! Merci. “

Client from Libaros, 2023.

Kenny is passionate about picture framing and the appreciation of art.

He makes frames by hand from locally sourced french wood.

I recommend Kenny to anyone wanting high-quality picture frames.”

Client from Mirande, 2021.

Bespoke Eco Picture Framing and Photographic Printing

Hello everybody and welcome to my picture framing page.

My eco picture framing workshop exclusively uses ecological materials. My chosen photographic print studio is carbon neutral so good news for everyone including artists and photographers.

The framing workshop is located on an old farm in Libaros, 65330, Hautes-Pyrénées. Local towns include Galan (3.5km), Trie Sur Bäise (10.6km) and Castelnau-Magnoac (16km).

I have more than 30 years experience of framing a wide variety of artwork mainly for exhibition. Previously in the UK I framed work for Northampton Museum’s Leathercraft Collection using conservation materials approved by the Fine Art Guild. I moved to France in 2019 and from sleepy Libaros my local client list continues to grow week on week.

I can frame: oil paintings, original water colours, drawings, etchings; artist signed limited edition prints, photographs, certificates and valuable artworks.

Or if you have a unique object you would like framed I offer free quotes. I like a challenge so get in touch and see how I can help your project.

What are eco frames?

Toxic chemicals and acids are present in cheap factory made picture frames. Over time these products off-gas within the sealed frame causing damage such as accelerated fading and colour changes to original photographs, drawings, prints and art.

My eco frames are made using carefully selected mounting materials that do not contain these toxic chemicals. The eco framing protects the art.

My bio-ethical approach includes:

  • Using locally-sourced french wood for frames reducing the need for imported wood
  • pH neutral adhesives and tapes
  • Acid free conservation mountboard
  • 100% cotton museum mountboard for valuable works
  • Archival polyester mounting corners
  • No MDF!
  • Formaldehyde-free backing boards
  • Reusing reclaimed wooden frames
  • Natural wood finishes: barefaced oak, van dyke, brue de noix
  • Toulene-free natural beeswax polish
  • Reducing and recycling of waste materials

Special items

Everyone has something rather special to them tucked away in a drawer that they have been meaning to have framed up for years.

Maybe it is an original drawing by a loved one or a photograph that transports you back to a happy time.

Personal mementos when presented within a made-to-measure beautiful frame can make unique gifts aswell.

Everything I frame including valuable items uses 100% archival materials and reversible techniques so be rest assured your work is in safe hands.

Whatever it is, if you love it, get it out of the drawer and have it framed. Your frame will include all the fixings and be ready to hang on the wall where you can enjoy it.

Arrange a visit to the framing workshop

I offer free consultations and quotations usually at short notice.

Contact me to make an appointment to visit the framing workshop in Libaros.

Bring with you what you would like framed and view my range of framing techniques and materials in person.

During your visit I will help you visualise and decide what you want the finished frame to look like.

I will respectfully inspect your work wearing clean white cotton gloves and generate a free quotation. You are free to decide if you would like to go ahead.

I hope to see you at the workshop soon and look forward to exceeding your framing expectations.


Festival poster framed in french oak sealed with shellac and finished with a beeswax polish.

Original screenprint on handmade kandi-paper, bevel mounted with ivory conservation mountboard. Framed in a bespoke french oak deep box frame with inner and outer frame stained with van dych, sealed with shellac and beeswax polish.
Original Salivador Dali lithograph double bevel mounted to give the impression of viewing the work through a window. Framed in a french oak frame finished with Shellac to compliment the skin tones within the image.
Original Water colour float mounted under bevel mount, framed in barefaced smooth sanded french oak.
A selection of my hand-crafted picture framing samples: Beech, Ash, Cherry and Oak with Ebony, Van Dych, Shellac wood finishes and natural beeswax polish. All laid out on a lovely piece of Harris Tweed!