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Testimonials from Collectors

“Hi Kenny, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have purchased your “Snow Fire (Winter Solstice Fire Circle), England 2009 – a beautiful fine art print that I am very happy with.”

“The work has an inherent peaceful and calming presence, which now extends into my home and into my life. The high-quality presentation allows the work to quietly give more each time you look upon it.
This is particularly true for me, having visited the woodland where the work was made, but is also true for visitors into my home. A meaningful conversation starter and a serene and silent companion.”

“Matisse once said that “art should be like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue.” I now sit in an arm chair and look out on to this image.”

“Thank you very much.”

  • James Steventon, UK
    12 September 2013 – via email

Comments from visitors to previous Drawn to Fire Exhibitions

[i]”Fantastic work, created something which provokes the mind to see and feel, and appreciate the beauty of something as natural and eternal as the element of fire.”

  • Jane Micham, Oakham

[i]”Fabulous Kenny – there is nothing I love more than sitting next to a wood fire with[/i]
[i]the moon hanging over us – these photos are so moving for me. Beautiful images of the night.[/i]

[i]So very well done. Oh and great title – Drawn to Fire”[/i]

  • Lola

[i]”The Physical poetry of a woodsman. Love it!”[/i]

  • x Thia

[i]”I particularly like the set in Rockingham forest as the blue LED seems to draw[/i]

[i]the cold night air in contrast to the warmth of the fire.”[/i]

  • John Steventon

[i]”Congratulations Kenny – you should be very proud. A wonderful collection. Well done.”[/i]
Julie Steventon x

[i]”Kenny, A totally unique set of images. They are nature personified.[/i]
[i]A body of work encompassing the power of fire and it’s connection to the local area, i[/i]

[i]ts people and the things they have created. This is Art!”[/i]

  • Jimmy Boulton

[i]Kenny, Absolutely inspiring stuff!! The Skye work gets me overtime. Well done you.”[/i]

  • Stuart Sweeney

[i]”Wonderful visions – electric!”[/i]

  • Diana

[i]”A great sense of place. Have evoked the concept of home with fire.”[/i]

  • Digby Chacksfield

[i]”Fascinating concept. Fire, the primeval element, enlarged and given over to contemplation.[/i]

[i]Love the blue lights contrasting the yellows and orange.”[/i]

  • Rotraut Anderson

[i]”Wonderful sense of balance in the way you have strung these pearls together.[/i]

[i]Pathways to a powerful elemental energy + addition of full moon. Excellent.”[/i]

  • a pagan sister

[i]”Beautiful shots – very inspiring!”[/i]

  • H. A.

[i]”Ken, Impromptu drop-in. Highly impressed with your inspiring art. Thank you.”[/i]

  • Brian Young

[i]”Wonderful energetic work – love it!”[/i]

  • Nikki Loomes

[i]”Excellent display.”[/i]

  • Alicia xx

[i]”Fireworks!! Magical elements positively stunning.”[/i]

  • G. Martin

[i]”Fabulous display – very moving!”[/i]

  • anon.

[i]”Should be in the Tate Gallery!”[/i]

  • Neil Revell

[i]”Well done young man – an imaginative brain and a keen eye. Cool.”[/i]

  • Jess

[i]”Very striking and well composed.”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”A spiritual artist, at home with the elements.[/i]

[i]Their power communicated through your deep connection with their essence.”[/i]

  • Paula

“[i]Very engaging work – depth and surprises. Insightful chat too. Thank you”[/i]

  • Cara George

[i]”Completely inspiring! All the best.”[/i]

  • John + Babs

[i]”Breath of fresh air – calming relaxed exhibition. Well done.”[/i]

  • Christine Baker

[i]”Fascinating, it was good to hear your interpretations Kenneth.[/i]

[i]It helped me open up my thoughts. Thank you for that. I shall keep an eye on what you are doing.”[/i]

  • Alison

[i]”Intriguing! A new way to see art. Fresh. Original. Quirky. Calming.[/i]

[i]Exciting and Playful. You find more the more you look at them.”[/i]

  • Beth Webster and Oscar

[i]”More interesting than a few pieces in the Tate!”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”Very Good Kenneth. Yes, very good indeed.”[/i]

  • Phil Lunn

[i]”Inspiring! Well done.”[/i]

  • John Lyons

[i]”A wonderful – in the sense – exhibition of beautiful photographs.[/i]

[i]Good luck with the show.”[/i]

  • Chris & Andy

[i]”Beautiful, so the woods are yet again the playground, a good reminder[/i]

[i]that what is on my doorstep can be enjoyed in a playful way.”[/i]

  • Lola x

[i]”Good luck from down under and from Malaysia!”[/i]

  • Stewart 🙂

[i]”A truly fantastic show of inspiration captured through the eye of the lens.[/i]

[i]’Life through a lens’.”[/i]

  • Martin Steed

[i]”Very good. The work transcends all cultures and all times.[/i]

[i]A hunter gatherer could look and connect with them.”[/i]

  • Bill

[i]”Such imaginative use of simple materials. Woodland. Fire, the moon. Lovely.”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”An incredibly rare and powerful experience! I am grateful to have felt[/i]

[i]and experienced the art forms within your work. Thank you.”[/i]

  • Suzanne Schultz

[i]”Energy, ideas, materials and processes flowing through time.”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”Absolutely fascinating! Wonderful.”[/i]

  • Kate Rathbone

[i]”Thank you. We really liked the ‘energy’ of the work, and it’s sense of the elemental.”[/i]

  • Chris + Drama Corps

[i]”Well done Kenny!”[/i]

  • Rosalind Stoddart

[i]”A wonderful exhibition enhanced by talking to you.”[/i]

  • Wendy Davies

[i]”Work from the heart! Inspiring.”[/i]

  • Jude Flanagan

[i]”This is one of the most inspiring exhibitions I’ve been to! Just super.[/i]

[i]Please put me on your mailing list. “[/i]

  • Sandi + Nick + Lauren

[i]”Excellent imagery and impressive effects combine to produce unique works of art.”[/i]

  • David

[i]”Excellent exhibition amazing images!!”[/i]

  • JP


  • Anon.

[i]”Wood is timeless, wonderful medium. Trees in particular!”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”Very interesting and different – a wonderful effect.”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”Really liked the elemental nature of the exhibition – the interplay[/i]

[i]between fire, light, darkness, stars etc – very interesting + original!”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”Thank you. Lovely images.”[/i]

  • Ben Hampton

[i]”To wielding wild energy. Well done.”[/i]

  • R. Giddings

[i]”Some very intriguing work. I’ll definitely keep up to date with the work[/i]

[i]you’re doing and try and make it to a workshop! Good luck for the future.”[/i]

  • Stacey


  • Anon.

[i]”Love your work – so much energy from simplicity of concept. Thanks”[/i]

  • Nikki

[i]”Wonderful work and great conversation. Very good and interesting to chat.”[/i]

  • Richard Malpas

[i]”Lots of good stuff.”[/i]

  • Chris Leeland

[i]”Enjoyed elemental quality of work.”[/i]

  • L. Hainsworth


  • Mark Hamilton

[i]”Ditto. Brilliant photography.”[/i]

  • John Sills

[i]”Very interesting and dramatic.”[/i]

  • Erica Bainbridge

[i]”Stunning. Try Hamilton Gallery London.”[/i]

  • Patricia Smith

[i]”It’s very beautiful!”[/i]

  • Sue Brown

[i]”Wonderful, stimulating, inspiring stuff!”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”Truly amazing.Lovely pictures.”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”Love the alchemy.”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”Love the work – very inspiring for my own photography! :o)”[/i]

  • Anon.

[i]”Very spiritual work lovely use of natural light.[/i]

[i]I would be interested in your book.”[/i]

  • Steve

[i]”Lovely lovely show! Pop in and see us in Wing!”[/i]

  • Angela Harding & Mark Dyson

[i]”We came to visit Rutland. This piece of Art is fantastic. Excellent work.[/i]

[i]Very different. Natural light of fire. Well done. Keep it up!”[/i]

  • Mukesh & Meeta


  • Kathryn

[i]”I like the technique.”[/i]

  • S Szyzka

[i]”Amazing work!”[/i]

  • Maggie Bewley

[i]”Very interesting. Great.”[/i]

  • Jamie M. Dawson

[i]”Very atmospheric respect the earth.”[/i]

  • J Naylor

[i]”Thrilling stuff, perfect for a pyromaniac’c Christmas!”[/i]

  • Rosamund Wells

[i]”Innovative and amazing stuff – thanks for the info and the background.”[/i]

  • Irene Hall

[i]”RAW TALENT!”[/i]

  • Patrice Van Swall, Richmond, Virginia

[i]”Very exciting, wonderful to reignite our wonder!”[/i]

  • Stella Warburton, Uppingham